“Danny” Video

Timothy Musho came to the studio back in December while we were recording ‘Keep Me Waiting‘ to catch a few tunes and film some behind-the-scenes footage. Take a look at the video for “Danny,” the first track on the album. ‘Keep Me Waiting’ comes out ONE WEEK from today and we can’t wait to share this music with you all!


We’re huge fans of Bloodshot Records over here at Big Sadie headquarters. They consistently release some of the coolest and most authentic in country, rock, and Americana. Yesterday, they celebrated 20 years in business with the release of the compilation “While No One Was Looking.”

We thought we’d offer a toast to the label and an honorary/voluntary contribution to the collection of covers. Here is our bluegrassy interpretation of “Doreen” by the Old 97’s, released by Bloodshot in 1995 on the album “Wreck Your Life.”

Congratulations to Bloodshot!